I provide writing and proofreading services with a particular interest in tabletop games.

As a lifelong gamer, I’m passionate about creating high quality tabletop games and helping them become the best they can be. My experience in and around gaming, along with a good working knowledge of history and mythology give me a head start on most projects. I’m easy to work with, efficient and on time. A list of my previous projects can be found here.


Writing services include:

  • Game scenarios.
  • Characters and locations.
  • Flavour text for game components such as action cards, locations, characters, etc.
  • Story lines within games.


I have extensive experience in proofreading rules and other components for tabletop games, including 2 of Kickstarter’s top 10 tabletop games. Much of this experience comes from working with companies where English is a second language.

Proofreading services for tabletop games include:

  • Ensuring consistency of game terms and keywords.
  • High quality spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Suggestions for more efficient or evocative ways of communicating game materials.
  • Feedback on rules and game materials where applicable.
  • Turning translated English into native English that not only adds to the flavour of the game but ensures rules stand up to scrutiny while effectively communicating their game mechanics.
  • US or UK English as required.

Please contact me for more information.