I provide proofreading and copy-editing services for certain projects with a particular interest in speculative fiction and gaming supplements. I have experience in copy-editing both original fiction and rule books to support board games and tabletop wargames including multiple projects for Awaken Realms.

I also write reviews and articles on a freelance basis and can provide original fiction with a particular interest in tabletop gaming.

Additionally, if you are interested in a blog or website of your own, I offer web development services through WordPress, including all the training you need to update and manage the site yourself.

Please contact me for more details using the Contact page.

Previous Publications
Planeshifter – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine September 2014 (

Warden’s Legacy – Swords and Sorcery Magazine January 2015 (

Mysticarium – Kindle Direct Publishing August 2017

(Kindle Store)

Copy Editor/Proof Reader
The Edge: Rulebook – proof reader and games tester – Awaken Realms 2015 (

Lords of Hellas – copy-editor for rules and game components and script writer for promotional video – Awaken Realms June 2017 (Kickstarter Page) (Story Trailer)