I’m Dan Morley – writer, tabletop gamer and martial artist from Staffordshire, England. I write short stories and novels in my own settings, alongside freelance work as writer, proofreader and creative consultant for tabletop games.

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Latest Blog Posts

Rolling into Roll20

With the lockdown in the UK, my D&D group had to move online. There are a few tools available for this but Roll20 was the most popular at my club. It’s been an interesting experience getting into digital D&D but the game doesn’t need to stop just because the world is having a wobble. As […]

Tales from Sprue Mountain

From isolation comes opportunity. With all this extra time in the house, there’s no better time to paint that backlog of random miniatures. After a rummage through various boxes I took an inventory of what needed painting and, with no upcoming games or deadlines, I could just start on whatever inspired. First up was to […]

D&D 5E Alternate Rules: Soul Reaver Paladin

After the latest character death in my Out of the Abyss D&D 5e campaign, the fallen player decided to come back in as a paladin inspired by Malthael from Diablo 3. Using the Oathbreaker paladin from the Dungeon Master’s Guide as a basis, we mucked around with a couple of rules to add some grim […]