40k Dramatisations

All your favourite battle-report dramatisations from the grim darkness of the far future collated into one easy page.

Suffer Not the Alien to Live (October 2013)

The Dark Angels and Hammers of Dorn ally to ward off a xenos threat and recover mighty centurion armour from the depths of a jungle-strewn world.

Redemption Stalled (July 2013)

Menelus and the Dark Angels meet an unexpected foe in their hunt for the fallen.

Blood for the Blood God (December 2012)

The presence of a giant altar to Khorne lures Menelus and the Dark Angels into a trap.

Suffer Not the Alien, the Mutant, the Heretic (November 2012)

A clash of arms between the Dark Angels and the foul powers of the warp.