I’m Dan Morley – writer, tabletop gamer and martial artist from Staffordshire, England. I write short stories and novels in my own settings, alongside freelance work as writer, proofreader and creative consultant for tabletop games.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Mighty Tarrasque

My pledge of Dungeons and Lasers: Encounters recently arrived, and with it, the greatest stretch goal I’ve ever seen: the mighty tarrasque. While the value and quality of the whole pledge was impressive, this was one of the main reasons I pledged. Granted, it’s a touch bigger than I expected, as in it’s absolutely huge…

Kitbashing Dark Angels Veteran Intercessors

Something that’s been on my hobby radar for a while is a squad of Veteran Intercessors with Dark Angels flavour to match my collection. Since there are no official models for these, you have to make your own. The new Black Templars Primaris Crusader squad provides the ideal base. You only need the initiate bodies…

Painting the Avatar

The avatar of the bloody-handed god, Kaela Mensha Khaine, daemon ally of the Aeldari, received a long awaited new miniature this year, and being such a great sculpt, I had to pick one up. The spear-wielding Forge World version of the avatar always took my fancy, so I chose to arm it with the spear,…