I’m Dan Morley – writer, tabletop gamer and martial artist from Staffordshire, England. I write short stories and novels in my own settings, alongside freelance work as writer, proofreader and creative consultant for tabletop games.

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Dry Blending: Lightning Claw Power Fields

This tutorial can be used for any kind of power weapon, and may be of particular interest to Space Wolves fans to use on frost weapons. Change the blues to greens and you’ve got a recipe for Necron tech. It’s a bit more advanced than the usual fayre you get here so might take some […]


Dark Angels Knights Cenobium 40k Conversion

I’d been looking for an excuse to use the Knights Cenobium kit from Forge World in some capacity for my Dark Angels army. Since I don’t dabble in Horus Heresy games any more, they needed to be 40k legal which didn’t leave a lot of options considering their standard loadout of power sword and plasma […]

Securing Flight Stands

I’ve always found those clear plastic stands which hold up flyers in Warhammer 40k a touch on the precarious side, particularly where they bond to the base. Plastic glue doesn’t work so well with them, and super glue has a way of breaking off when bonding to paint. Pinning is another option which adds a […]