Securing Flight Stands

I’ve always found those clear plastic stands which hold up flyers in Warhammer 40k a touch on the precarious side, particularly where they bond to the base. Plastic glue doesn’t work so well with them, and super glue has a way of breaking off when bonding to paint. Pinning is another option which adds a […]

Epic Encounters: Hall of the Orc King

I’m always on the lookout for cool gaming modules, especially when they’re based around D&D or Warhammer. When I saw the Epic Encounters range from Steamforged Games, I had to try one for myself. Epic Encounters contain a set of linked encounters designed as one-shot adventures or bolt-ons to existing Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. The […]


Painting Deathwing: Strike Master

They are the elite first company of the Unforgiven, the bane of traitors, and privy to some of the darkest secrets of the 41st millennium. They are the Deathwing, the ultimate censure of angels. To demonstrate how I paint the bone white warriors of the Dark Angels’ veteran company, I’m using a kitbashed Deathwing Strike […]

Dungeons and Lasers: D&D Dungeon Build

Welcome to the largest terrain project I’ve ever undertaken. This build is creates a fully modular dungeon crawler, intended for Dungeons and Dragons games but I’m also keen to see other systems where it might fit. This is all built using kits from the Dungeons and Lasers Kickstarters by Archon Studio. These walls and floors […]

Miniature Painting Basics, Hints and Tips

We’re all at different stages in our hobby journeys and often the real basics can be taken for granted, leaving newcomers confused. I asked around some painters to find out what they wished they’d known when they first started. Here’s a quick guide to some basics, definitions and tips that should help avoid pitfalls. Basic […]


Painting Blue: Skitarii

One of my latest painting projects is a small Adeptus Mechanicus force of Skitarii to match my Imperial Knights. Deep blue and metallics feature heavily so here’s a quick and simple guide showing how to do it. Models are primed black as we’re looking for a darker finish. Blue Cloak Start with a couple of […]


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