Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms – Miniatures

This week, my copy of Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms arrived. It’s a system by Modiphius that I’ve been keen to look into, mostly for the many nostalgic hours ploughed into Skyrim. I’ll cover the system itself in another blog, once I’ve had chance to read the rules and play a game or two, but […]

Rolling into Roll20

With the lockdown in the UK, my D&D group had to move online. There are a few tools available for this but Roll20 was the most popular at my club. It’s been an interesting experience getting into digital D&D but the game doesn’t need to stop just because the world is having a wobble. As […]

Tales from Sprue Mountain

From isolation comes opportunity. With all this extra time in the house, there’s no better time to paint that backlog of random miniatures. After a rummage through various boxes I took an inventory of what needed painting and, with no upcoming games or deadlines, I could just start on whatever inspired. First up was to […]

D&D 5E Alternate Rules: Soul Reaver Paladin

After the latest character death in my Out of the Abyss D&D 5e campaign, the fallen player decided to come back in as a paladin inspired by Malthael from Diablo 3. Using the Oathbreaker paladin from the Dungeon Master’s Guide as a basis, we mucked around with a couple of rules to add some grim […]


Painting White: Eldar

Little puts the frozen knife of fear into the heart of a painter more than the idea of painting white. As a side project from my Dark Angels, I started an Ulthwe Eldar force, mostly made from wraith constructs. In part because Ulthwe are an interesting craftworld but also to give me some practice painting […]

Home Brew Rules: Raven Guard

The Ultramarines run away, the Imperial Fists build a wall; chapter tactics are the signature way a chapter of Space Marines makes war in Warhammer 40k. When a¬†friend recently told me he’d lost interest in playing his Raven Guard, we found that the reason came down to the way they play being at odds with […]


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