World Tai Chi Day

Feel that energy? Well, drink it in because today is World Tai Chi Day.

But before I get into that, do check out my interview with fellow writer, Rebeccah Giltrow. If you’re intrigued about the writing process from an early-days perspective, you might even find some insight:

On to World Tai Chi Day. Like other martial arts, there  are countless branches of tai chi, each subtly different in its methods. It can improve relaxation, flexibility and balance through a series of stretches and exercises with a focus on breathing. This makes it accessible for people of all ages who would like to improve their overall health. To the onlooker, tai chi appears slow and graceful, even calming.The trained eye will see techniques that are easily transferred into higher impact martial arts.

In honour of this day, I joined a few friends for a training session out in the hills. This was our spot for the morning:

Tai Chi

Apart from the inevitable showers and cold hands of the British springtime we had a great session, working on posture, fluid motion and soaking up fresh energy (chi). If you’re an experienced practitioner, it’s worth getting out of the gym once in a while and taking your art to the outdoors. You might be surprised at the difference. If you’ve never tried it, check out your local club and have a chat with the instructor to see what benefits it has for you. A quick search on Google should give you plenty of results to work with.

Today’s training consisted of a form called Shuang Yang Pei Ho Rou Rouan (sun frost white crane soft and gentle art). Here’s an excellent video showing the form, performed and narrated by Iain Armstrong:


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