Navigating Blackthorn

The Finest Cartographers in the Land

I agree with the old saying that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. If graphic art needs doing, then I’ll pass it to someone else to do so it can be done properly.

Partially for completeness, partially so I could clear a big chunk of space on my whiteboard, I commissioned Mat Andre (who also did the banner at the top of the page) to map out Blackthorn, the setting of my Legacy of Torr novels. With little more than a vague sketch and snippets of notes, Mat recently came back with the finished version:


Pretty sweet, I thought. All the important places in Forshai Rising are depicted with a picture that shows something of its character, from the towers of Tol Senti to the great curtain wall of Torr Keep to the eerie Forshai Ruins.

The Edge

Another project I’ve been working on in the background is copy editing for Awaken Realms on their fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk miniatures game, The Edge. This was a great opportunity to show my face in the games industry and to work with some exceptionally enthusiastic people on a brand new setting. The final Kickstarter pledges are due to be fulfilled soon and we should see The Edge in retail shortly after.

Other Projects

I decided to shelve my sci-fi project, Human, for the time being. While the premise still resonates, the execution went down a path that I was unwilling to follow. More planning required to keep things on track in future, I expect.

This leaves a space for other projects to fill. Right now, that’s being taken up by another few short stories based in the Mysticarium, and world building for another fantasy setting.


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