Grave News: An (Unofficial) Age of Sigmar Scenario

Fell deeds were afoot in the graveyard on the outskirts of Haffhaven, or so claimed the villagers. Rumours reached the ears of Duke Tim in his nearby manor. They spoke of nefarious intent, and magic most foul, creatures creeping in the depths of night.

Most perturbed by the news, Duke Tim thought long and deep about how to react, how he might allay the fears of his folk, for magic in the graveyard just would not do. A man of courage, who led from the fore, he put out the call for those of stout heart. They would travel to the graveyard and root out the source of these rumours.


Play testers wanted!

This scenario sets the Free People of the realms against the forces of Death. Instead of a pitched battle, this focuses on narrative elements and includes special mechanics to run it as such. It is designed to run with either or one or two players as basic AI controls the Death units.

Download the rules here.

As it’s my first shot at designing game mechanics, I’m looking for feedback on anything and everything. Do the mechanics work? Are the rules presented clearly? Is it engaging or dull?


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