Adeptus Astra Telepathica Station, Segmentum Auxa

Message intercepted. Planetary Governor Inweldian Cassinara Gell, Encara Tertius, to Imperial Administratum.

The Infocyte skimmed the text and brought up a single paragraph.

Furthermore, I am delighted to report that the Imperial Tithe is met 8 months ahead of schedule. Partial credit must go to a clerk from the XN-34217 penal hive for advising reassignment of select teams of low security prisoners to the deep mines. In all trial regions, mining and ore processing output has since increased three-fold. Naturally, the clerk in question has been subjected to interrogation and tested for warp taint for his unsanctioned ingenuity. Having shown no sign of taint, the clerk has since joined my personal staff assigned to manufactorum productivity.

Like a hundred others that shift, the Infocyte flagged the message for further investigation and moved on to the next batch.

Part 2

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