Alternative Miniatures: Elementals

Elementals. Nature’s wrath all wrapped up in a bundle of fury. These guys are usable across a whole range of gaming systems – Dungeons and Dragons and Kings of War come instantly to mind – and many just make outstanding display pieces. Here, I take a look at some of my favourite elemental miniatures available.

The God of Hell Fire – Azrat Firestorm


Azrat Firestorm, shown here painted by Awaken Realms, comes from Blood Keep Miniatures and looks like he’s erupted right out of a volcano. This guy is a perfect opportunity to practice object source lighting, smoke and flame effects.

Awakening of the Woods – Treewalker


While Games Workshop do an excellent and versatile kit for their Treelord, this beauty comes from Creature Caster. A friend of mine recently directed me the way of Creature Caster, suggesting that the quality of miniatures is exceptional. While you’re there, the dragons and demons are well worth a look.

From the Deep – Water Elemental


Gale Force Nine knocked out this water elemental to accompany the Dungeons and Dragons Elemental Evil campaign setting. I’m yet to see this range in the flesh (comments below if you have) but if the painted version is anything to go by, it’s a treat.

The Golden Age of Gaming

We’ve never had the choice and availability of miniatures that we do now. If your gaming group or club is open to miniatures from disparate ranges, check out what’s on offer beyond the norm to add some real eye candy to your games.

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