Thal is Acting Strangely

From the diary of Theren Stormcursed . Outside Scarlet Moon Hall.

Events in the valley are getting progressively stranger. Though our foray into Sacred Stone Monastery initially seemed a success, the cult leader got away, and it appears we achieved little more than forcing the cults to work together. In retribution for our dealing a blow to the Black Earth cult, I was visited in a dream by a vision of fire cultists threatening Beliard, a nearby village. I was going to keep it to myself, but after talking to my fellow travellers it turns out that hearing voices and having visions is perfectly normal, so we left to investigate. After all, our actions that caused the threat.

My last visit to Beliard, over a decade ago, had been short; just a fortnight until the locals ran my mother and I out of town, after a great storm drowned their crops and lightning struck many of their homes.

I’d hoped to make amends for the damage I’d wrought, but the villagers wouldn’t listen when we advised them to leave. They regarded me with mistrust. Perhaps they recognised me – people always said I have my father’s eyes, crystal blue like winter’s chill. Nevertheless, Rolen scouted the hills and confirmed my vision was true. I’ll be sure to pay close attention to any further voices and visions. We fought the cult of fire, averting disaster at Beliard, and chased the cultists back to their lair at Scarlet Moon Hall.

We managed to lose Fin and Vin somewhere on the road. Perhaps they’ve left to make a home together, and if so, I wish them a happy life. I must say, I never observed any romance between the two, but sometimes these things pass me by. I hope Vin finds his folding boat. And a bath.

As we fought through the fire cult,  we gained some new friends: a shadowy archer, a snake-like creature who calls himself Cyril, and a poor, half-starved and mostly-naked giant. I offered the giant some clothes but they don’t fit well. At least it’s warm down here.

That’s where things got really strange.

Out of nowhere, Thal started attacking the giant. He’s always been a bit excitable but this time, he was out for blood. It took five of us to bring him down. When he came around, he was raving like a madman then started sneaking about at night. He must have thought we were all asleep but with his non-stop talking to himself about something called a harbinger, I doubt any of us got any sleep. Next thing, he’s stolen Rolen’s bag, been caught in a bear trap, dropped to the ground, and been shot by Rolen. We kept his sword away from him for a while but he was just impossible without it. I’ll check my herb stores to see if I can mix something to calm him down. I shan’t mention it – he seemed embarrassed – just drop a little something soothing into his tea.

We’re not yet done with the fire cult and they’re proving more challenging than the others. We’ll have to work together to topple them…and that’s what worries me.

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