Forshai Rising

Selwin Torr, heir to House Torr, searches the wilds of Blackthorn for his missing sister. Powerful forces are at work, both ancient and current, and perhaps his sister does not want to be found.

Can Selwin stop these forces before they lay waste to his homeland, killing family and friends?  Of course not, he’s a jumped up noble with his brains in his backside.  Fortunately, help is at hand from the elite handful of warriors sent to ensure he doesn’t trip over his own ego.

Full of laughs and goblin silliness, this action-packed adventure follows the group’s fortunes.  Selwin the inexperienced noble with his grumpy mentor; Lofi the competent warrior, captured by an unstable female goblin channeller with an unhealthy fire obsession and insatiable appetites for her prisoner; and Brown, a scoundrel guard of Taeba who is pulled around by nobles and generals but wants nothing more than an ale in his hand and a girl on his knee.  The “genius” goblin, Sneak, provides insight into their quirky culture with his plans, traps and catastrophic oversights.

So, what’s the deal, funny man?  What’s a goblin gotta to to find this on the shelves?

Forshai Rising is currently under submission.