Short Stories

Argonaut’s Remorse

Fantasy/mythology. Jason and the Argonauts have returned from Colchis with the golden fleece but claiming the throne of Iolcos was not as easy as planned. Worse still, the Colchisians are less than impressed with their greatest treasure being stolen.

The Evil Overlord’s Guide to World Domination

Fantasy humour. Not content with conquering the world and defeating the forces of light, this paranoid dark lord means to secure his reign forever. And he finds a conveniently placed guide to help him do just that.

The Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeoneering

Fantasy humour. A group of wannabe adventurers find that the adventuring life is dangerous.

The Legend of Hex

Witchcraft and prophecy: a local legend from Staffordshire retold.

Deathwatch: Genestealer’s Kiss

Warhammer 40k fanfic. The Deathwatch Space Marines investigate a missing Inquisitor on a planet with growing unrest. They uncover a far greater threat than expected.