Tale of Narrative Gamers: The Burning of Bloodthorn Jungle Part 1

At the edge of Bloodthorn Jungle, the three armies clash for the first time using the Age of Sigmar Skirmish rules and a unique battle plan written for the event.

As the Grudgebringers put the jungle to the torch to clear their way, nature awakens to defend itself. When both forces are committed, the devious Scar Treeflayer triggers his ambush.

The Armies

We chose around 34 renown for this skirmish, which let us use most of what we’d painted before the summer break.


  • Freeguild General (Commander Bernhardt)
  • 7 Freeguild Guard


  • Skaven Warlord (Scar Treeflayer)
  • 1 Stormvermin
  • 11Clanrats


  • Branchwych (Ashtiriel)
  • 2 Dryads
  • (Reinforcements – see later)

Battle Plan

Asymmetric objectives govern the play style, deployment and army selection for each faction.


Use a 4 x 4 board for this scenario. Place 1 Sylvaneth Wildwood in the centre (the Branchwych and 2 Dryads deploy here) and 4 more clusters of trees spread around the board. Try to keep them 9 inches or so apart from one another.

The Grudgebringers deploy up to 9 inches from one board edge. The Sylvaneth must escape from the opposite board edge as this represents the way deeper into the jungle.

The Skaven ambushers can deploy on both sides of the board, 6 inches from the edge and at least 9 inches away from enemy models, and may either start on the board or arrive in their turn 1.


Not wanting news of their arrival to spread, and awake further Sylvaneth, the Grudgebringers gain 1 point for each wood they set alight and 1 point for each Sylvaneth killed.

The Skaven ambushers gain 1 point for each enemy model they kill. Scar Treeflayer has a mind to keep his operations in the Bloodthorn Jungle away from prying eyes.

The Sylvaneth have only survival on their mind. They must escape deeper into the jungle to awake their kin. The Sylvaneth gain 1 point for each Dryad that leaves the board.


Burn the Woods – Grudgebringers

At the end of the Grudgebringer movement phase, if they are in base contact with a wood, they can set it alight. This awakes D3 Dryads inside the wood under the Sylvaneth player’s control. Rolling for each Dryad awoken, on a 4+ the Dryad is on fire. At the end of each battle round, it takes an automatic hit, wounding on a 4+ with no rend and 1 damage. Use an appropriate marker (flickering smoke markers work beautifully) to show that the wood is burning.

Awaken the Woods – Sylvaneth

At the end of the Sylvaneth movement phase, the Branchwych can awaken any wood on the table (each wood can be awoken only once – Burn the Woods counts as having awoken the wood). This wakes D3 Dryads deployed inside the wood.

The game lasts for 5 battle rounds.



Join us back here at the weekend to see how the first engagement plays out.

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