Painting Skin Tones (Part 1)

First in a series of skin tones, Bryn Hill shows us a few options for adding cultural diversity to your equal-opportunities warband. As is Bryn’s speciality, these are simple techniques which let you get your army on the table, fast.
Hey guys, me again.
Myself and Dan thought some folk may be interested in some skin tone step by steps. Skin is often looked over by some hobbyists (myself included for many years), either building models to have helmed heads or avoiding models/units with excessive amounts of bare flesh. I recently started a BloodBound army and despite not being very confident in my execution of painting skin tones I have discovered that not only do I really enjoy painting the Bloodreaver models but have managed to do it fairly well.
When I started my first unit of Reavers I decided early on that they wouldn’t have a uniform skin colour. Many armies I see seem to run one skin colour throughout the army, which is absolutely fine and am not knocking that approach, but I wanted a more diverse looking bunch. Khorne cares not which ethnicity his warriors come from.
All models were first primed Black

Red Skin

First up we have my champions. I did these in a dark red to 1) stand out and 2) to show they were high in Khorne’s favour.
1) Base coat with Khorne Red base paint.
2) Shade with Nuln Oil shade wash.
3) Layer with Wazdakka Red layer paint avoiding areas of deep shade.
4) Layer with Evil Sunz Scarlet layer paint, only on the higher raised areas.
5) Wash with Carroburg Crimson shade wash.

Jaundiced Skin

Next up we have a jaundiced looking tone. This was an experiment to see how a final wash of sepia shade would look and it sort of gives a unhealthy look to the final tone. I guess a healthy diet isn’t top of these guys agendas.
1) Base coat Ratskin Flesh base paint.
2) Shade with Agrax Earthshade shade wash.
3) Layer with Ungor Flesh layer paint avoiding areas of deep shade.
4) Light drybrush of Eldar Flesh dry paint.
5) Shade with Seraphim Sepia shade wash.

Tanned Skin

How tanned you want this tone depends on how much drybrushing you want to do on it. The more drybrushing, the lighter it gets.
1) Base coat with Bugman’s Glow base paint.
2) Shade with Reikland Fleshshade shade wash.
3) Drybrush with Eldar Flesh dry paint.
4) Light wash of Agrax Earthshade shade wash.

Stay tuned for more flesh tones. Let us know if you’ve used or modified any of these techniques and we’ll have a look at featuring some on the site.

Happy painting!

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