Fog Monster!

Shiny Syndrome is pretty common in tabletop gaming, but sometimes you really have to have one of those. Today, that thing is the Fog Monster from Real Game FX.

We recently looked into upgrading your gaming tables with LEDs. Well now you can go to the next level by adding fog to your gaming table. Perfect for those graveyards or dungeons, or perhaps you have a Laketown style table and want to have mist on the water.


Pretty, huh? And because everything is better with lasers:


The module itself looks like a chunky bit of kit but the manufacturers have teamed up with Manorhouse Workshop to make this dark crypt which hides the mechanics:


I would be much more likely to go for something like this to keep the immersion rather than having the black box and pipes on the table. Sadly I missed the Kickstarter but they should be up for preorder any time now. Keep an eye on the website for details.

One step closer to that ultimate gaming table!

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