Let There Be Light: LED Gaming Mods

A great way to enhance the atmosphere of your gaming is to add LEDs to your miniatures and terrain, and it’s much easier than you might think.


It’s all in the eyes!


Vehicles offer plenty of places to hide LED kits if you buy the right sort. The Imperial Knight above uses a kit from eBay hidden within the carapace. It’s little more than drilling some holes through the eye sockets, then through the plastic behind the head, and you’re good to go.

Tanks are just as easy. Drill through the headlights and add an LED from a kit like the one used in the knight and store the wires and switch inside. You can even do the same with exhausts, for example, on Games Workshop Land Raiders.



Even easier than the knight is the above tower. That’s just a self-contained LED unit glued under the first floor of the tower. Within seconds, you have a spooky tower. The key is to glue the kit in subtly out of sight and to check the direction of the light so that it has a good spread and doesn’t shine directly out of the building. Blinding your opponent is a questionable strategy (if effective).

For the Hardcore

If you want something really special, check out the integrated kits from Wargame Model Mods.


That is just one of the range, and while it looks great as it is, would really stand out with a paint job to match. These buildings are also far cheaper than I expected, at just £22.99 for the above Spire.

Lights Out

I hope that helps add some atmosphere to your gaming and inspires you to try out some special effects for yourself. There are loads of options and they’re cheaper and easier than you might think. Always be careful when mucking about with electricity though!

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