Alternative Miniatures: Mierce’s Undead

Always on the lookout for cool miniatures, I came across this beast from the Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter. Behold, Bānbreca with War Tower:


This guy is from the Jutes faction of the Darklands range. Since it’s a Kickstarter miniature, there might be a wait while things are finalised but if you’re looking to get one, head over to Mierce Miniatures and contact them.

Impressed by this boney giant, I checked out the rest of the Jutes and picked a few favourites. Going straight for the monstrous infantry section, the Malign of Alum Tomb, Drēaguth stood out as my first choice. On 50mm bases these are sizeable additions to an undead force or dungeon. Each is available as part of a set or individually in either metal of resin.


Ideal for use as animated armour, the Hateful of Mordain Grave, Gāst unit is the other monstrous infantry option for the Jutes (only available in resin at the moment).


Their ‘ordinary’ rank and file skeletons are particularly outstanding too. The Dead of Black Barrow, Wihtgār unit come in metal or resin and on 30mm bases so should be, give or take, in-line with Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar stuff (perhaps a little larger). Perfect for adding something special to a Deathrattle force. Since photos of renders can sometimes be misleading, here’s a painted version of the actual miniatures to give an idea of the quality you’re getting.


Most of this range is available as standalone miniatures or grouped together into units so whether you just fancy adding a special character to your undead, populating a dungeon, or even getting into Darklands, there’s plenty to choose from. Although you’ll pay a bit more, I would usually go for the resin versions over the metal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages to work with but paintwork on resin usually chips less than metal.

Do get in touch if you spot more fancy undead miniatures as I’m always interested in seeing what’s out there (and adding to my own collection).

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