Kickstarter: Nemesis by Awaken Realms


Many disappeared. It was to be expected. Intercepting unknown objects at incredible speeds was not exactly safe. Then, there are rumors at least one crew found something they were not supposed to…

It’s always a good day when a project from Awaken Realms lands in my inbox. I’ve performed proofreading and copy editing services on a few of their games before (The Edge, Dawnfall, SiegeStorm and Lords of Hellas) as a freelancer and they’re always interesting projects. Last week, I received the sci-fi horror game, Nemesis, to cast my eyes over.

The Kickstarter itself finished with over 30,500 backers although late pledges are available through Gamefound. While Kickstarters come with a risk (and I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum), it is comfortable territory for Awaken Realms who have a solid history of successful delivery.

There’s very much a feel of the original Alien film about the game and it offers some interesting game mechanics, such as semi-cooperative and solo play. Each player has their own victory conditions so another player completing their objective may not necessarily deny you ultimate victory. While player versus player actions are technically forbidden, if you throw a Molotov cocktail at one of the intruders (aliens), and another player happened to be in the same room, well it sucks to be them. It also scales up to 5 players which makes it a good option for games nights with variable attendance.

As you might expect from an Awaken Realms game, the miniatures and artwork look great and the box is packed with goodies. Full breakdown on the Kickstarter campaign page here. There’s also a decent replayability factor from random action and item cards, and even the rooms are randomised so chances are the ship will change most times you play. Each crew member is also slightly different and adds yet more variety.

The Kickstarter page also includes a host of reviews and let’s-play videos should your interest be piqued enough for a closer look.

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