I said there would be another “-ation” post, didn’t I? Well, here it is. Although not meditation as such, it’s close enough for a tenuous link.

This week, I wanted to introduce you to the wisest (and calmest) man I know. That’s him on the right. Doesn’t he look pleased? His name is Ajahn Brahm and as you have probably worked out, he is a monk (not the badass kung fu kind). At this point I should probably put a disclaimer in to say I have no affiliation with him or his organisations, pets, whatever. I’m not even a Buddhist. Just consider me a fanboy if you have to question my intentions.

Why should The Internet know about this guy then? As the abbot of a monastery in Western Australia, he holds regular talks with the Buddhist society and posts them online. They’re referred to as Dhamma talks but most of it just strikes me as good advice. So what does he talk about? Life stuff, really: control, positivity, motivation, that sort of thing. It’s all very calming, his voice eases your stress away, and he throws in plenty of jokes and stories to keep you entertained. When asked “what is best in life?” you’ll find his answer (mp3 link, don’t panic) differs to Conan’s.

I have my brother to thank for sending me a link to one of his talks so here’s me paying it forward. I’m sure Ajahn Brahm would approve. If you find yourself seeking wisdom, give one of his talks a try.


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