Planeshifter Published

That’s right, someone in a position of knowing what they’re doing decided that one of my short stories (Planeshifter) had enough Vikings in it to warrant publishing in their magazine. My thanks go out to the editor, Sue Bursztynski, and the team at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine who helped make it a reality.

I tried something different with Planeshifter. First up, it’s set in the Norse mythology rather than a world of my own creation. The next, and probably most important part, is that it has fewer people getting hit by swords than my usual stuff. Thought I initially wrote it for an anthology call with a theme of death, it didn’t quite fit the tone. Fortunately, I’d mooched around the ASIM website and found that our humour matched nicely. The basic premise is of the world’s greatest gambler entering into a contest with the trickster god himself, Loki. The battle of wits spans the planes (like realms) of life, death, and the great places of Norse myth. Of course, neither side plays fair.

While I have a few writing projects running at the moment (Legacy of Torr and Mysticarium being the big ones), I think there’s scope for more trips to Asgard.

If you wanted to see the finished article, you can get issue 60 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine here.


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    • Thanks Wade! Great news all round lately. Really proud that my first one is with ASIM, especially since I so rarely do short fiction. Next trick is to find a home for the novel.


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