Painting Deathwing: Strike Master

They are the elite first company of the Unforgiven, the bane of traitors, and privy to some of the darkest secrets of the 41st millennium. They are the Deathwing, the ultimate censure of angels.

To demonstrate how I paint the bone white warriors of the Dark Angels’ veteran company, I’m using a kitbashed Deathwing Strike Master. This is essentially a terminator lieutenant whose profile first arrived in the latest Codex Supplement: Dark Angels. Since there is no official model for this, I used bits from the Deathwing Command Squad kit. The body and wings are from a terminator sergeant, the head and shield are from a Deathwing Knight Master, while the mace is from a Deathwing Knight. No chopping is needed; these are all straight component swaps.


This guide focuses on the armour, robes, and details. For a guide to the bronze mace, click here. We’re looking for a vibrant effect so start by priming with Corax White spray.

Primed Deathwing Strike Master

Base Coats

As usual, thin your paints with about 50% water.

Two to three coats of GW Ushabti Bone forms the basis of the armour.

White: Vallejo Deck Tan.

Green: GW Caliban Green.

Red: GW Mephiston Red.

Grey undersuit: Vallejo German Grey.

Skin: GW Kislev Flesh.


Try to shade directly into the recesses as much as possible instead of washing whole areas. This will be messy so prepare to tidy up the shading with more of the base colour.

Armour: GW Seraphim Sepia.

White, grey, silver and red: GW Nuln Oil. It’s worth thinning the Nuln Oil about 50% with water to avoid too heavy a shade, particularly on the white.

Green robes: 4:1 mix of GW Caliban Green and Vallejo Black, heavily watered down.

Skin: GW Reikland Fleshshade. Again, thin this with about 50% water, otherwise it can be overpowering.

First Highlight

For our edge highlighting, aim for lines about 1mm thick around the edges.

Armour: GW Screaming Skull.

Green cloth: GW Warpstone Glow. Use multiple, very thin layers and wider highlights, gradually becoming smaller, to blend this in.

Red: GW Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Silver: Vallejo Silver.

White: Vallejo Ivory.

Skin: GW Ushabti Bone.

Second Highlight and Finishing Touches

Keep these highlights as thin as possible, and only along the sharp edges of the model. For this reason, there are fewer second highlights.

Armour: Vallejo Ivory.

Green: GW Moot Green.

That’s all there is to it. Feel free to drop me a question or comment below, or even share a link to your own Deathwing.

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