Prepare for Battle: Descent of the Overlords

As might be expected, this week has mostly disappeared into preparing for the weekend’s narrative campaign at Warhammer World: Descent of the Overlords.

Since I like my armies to look like armies rather than a piecemeal mismatch of power units, I’m taking five battle line choices in the form of Liberators and Judicators. I’ll also have a heavy aerial contingent, partly because Prosecutors have some of the best miniatures, partially for their role as light cavalry. The rest is made up of Paladins and heroes, mainly to make up the points.

In my previous post, I mentioned the need to batch paint recent purchases to meet the points requirement. That consisted of a Knight Venator and ten Judicators. With three days to the event, here is the state of paint:


Five Judicators left. One way or another, they’ll be done though whether they’ll be up to standard is another matter. The main drawback, and lesson, came from painting the Knight Venator’s bird. Putting paint to model before thinking of the scheme caused hours of wasted time repainting and rethinking (or post-action thinking) how to approach it. Starting too dark with a deep red wash required many layers of paint to bring it up to the bright yellow. A more sensible approach would have been to leave the model in sub-assemblies and prime the bird white. After much repainting, here is the Knight Venator:


The Judicators required batch painting. While it’s not the most inspirational of methods, it gets the job done. Essentially, this consisted of base coating all colours before giving them an all-over wash of black. Then it was a matter of picking out highlights, mostly on the edges. For a tutorial on how to achieve the aged bronze armour, check here.


Expect to see a report on the event itself next week. In the meantime, the Order of Talos Stormcast Eternals still have warriors in the Forges of Azyr.

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