Descent of the Overlords: Smoking Aftermath

After nine days of sacrificing all life to painting, the Order of Talos Stormcasts were complete. In true event fashion, it wasn’t until packing the army for transport last thing the night before that I found one unit – fortunately just a gryph hound – in a state of black primer. A hurried paint job later, the faithful hound took place at his master’s side and we marched to war at the holy grail of gaming locations: Warhammer World.


The Kharadron Overlords (event staff) met us in Bugman’s Bar and we entered into a contract for goods and services for the weekend’s battles. They handed over a bag of gold coins to spend on assistance from the Kharadron Overlords and a deck of cards showing the wares available for purchase.

Totally worth the risk.

Game 1: Kharadron Overlords

Across the battlefield, a fleet of flying vessels, festooned with guns, moved against my Stormcast Eternals bringing the allegiance of these Kharadron Overlords into question.


Broadsides from the sky vessels opposite met carbine volleys from those provided by my new mercenary friends. It seemed the Overlords had their price. A hard-fought battle of thunder and lightning against black powder reaped a heavy toll on both sides. When the smoke cleared, Stormcast Eternals stood stoically, their objectives seized.

Game 2: The Everqueen

Forging deeper into this strange realm brought the Stormcast Eternals into a forest. Life exploded into being all around, but these forests were defended. Alarielle, The Everqueen herself, barred the way, accompanied by a Treelord Ancient and forest spirits wielding huge bows. Having spent some coin to replenish supplies from the Kharadron Overlords, the Stormcast Eternals made their lightning strike for not even a living god would stall them. The mission was simple – destroy.

Beautiful painting on Alarielle, deservedly winning the best painted award.

Sigmar was with the Retributors this day, and their hammer strike deployment made short work of the Kurnoth Hunters. Covered by their woods, the Treelord and Alarielle wore near-impenetrable armour and despite hails of shockbolts and countless blows of hammers their wounds miraculously healed. Complete victory was beyond the Stormcast Eternals, though they slaughtered the lesser forest spirits and consolidated to take their campaign forwards.

Game 3: Dwarfs!

Good, old-fashioned dwarfs with proper beards and cannons, formed a gun line before the Order of Talos, all the while grumbling of goblins and the loss of ages past. The Kharadron Overlords dropped two packages on the battlefield and Lord Celestant Argus intended to secure them both. That meant weathering volley after volley of fire from rifles, flame cannons and the mighty grudge thrower.IMG_20170722_171613999

Such firepower obliterated the left flank of the Stormcast Eternals, felling their general, while the flame cannons incinerated most of the Paladins. Sigmar, however, cast his warriors in the storm and they weathered it. Through heavy losses, they continued their fight, no matter how many souls returned to Azyr. The remaining Paladins fought through to the war machines and crushed them to splinters. Hard won, the Stormcast Eternals secured both packages from the Overlords.

Game 4: Stormcast Eternals

The Order of Talos met a near mirror image of its force composition. None knew what motivated the rival Lord Celestant, but they took up arms against Argus and the Order of Talos, dropping a hammer strike of their own behind his lines. Mirror wars raged on both sides of the battlefield as Paladins fought Liberators for the strategic ground. A furious charge from Lord Celestant Argus crippled the corrupted star drake that harried his troops while attrition gnawed at both armies. A much-depleted Order of Talos won through, clearing the renegade Stormcast Eternals with the hammers of Retributors and the bow and eagle of the Knight Venator.

Game 5: The Great Moonclan

Little is known of the Order of Talos’ final stand, for none lived to tell the tale. Perhaps some onlooker from the woodland saw them fall as magic and red beasts with enormous, gnashing teeth beset them.  The Kharadron Overlords called an end to all business dealings and betrayed their trading partners. Their great sky armada filled the valley with bombs, forcing two armies together. One way out remained, a realm gate in the valley centre, but the Moonclan also moved to save their own.


Prosecutors and Retributors struck hard at the right flank of the Moonclan, seeking to topple the mighty Maw Krusha, but an enormous charge from goblin fanatics blocked their path. The rest was a blur. The Moonclan exploded to action, their numbers overwhelming the Stormcast Eternals as quickly as the lightning flashes that brought them to the realm. It was a massacre, and over before the Stormcasts had even time to react.

Fields of Carrion

Four very close games, and one utter massacre. With around 80% of the Stormcast Eternals dead before turn 2, there was little to do against the Moonclan but take models off the board. The event was well-run, with the organisers role-playing their parts wonderfully. Trading was the order of the day for the Overlords and many bargains were made.

In terms of what to expect should you be looking to attend such an event, most of the lists were reasonable for narrative gaming. Looking around the hall, a few players brought their tournament lists along. Lunch was provided on both days from the staff canteen, and there were breaks between games to recharge. Five games over the two days is a bit of a marathon and can be quite tiring – hats off to those tournament players who deal with five games in a day! If your intention is to immerse yourself in gaming and to play along to a narrative, these events are highly recommended. You can find upcoming ones at the Warhammer World website.

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