Hobby Blog: The Sacrosanct Chamber

Hobby of late has been all about the new Stormcast Eternals from the Soul Wars starter set. After some temptation to paint these Sacrosanct Chamber guys from a different Stormhost (looking at you, Knights Excelsior), I decided to stick with my own Order of Talos scheme to keep the unified look.

First up was the Celestar Ballista, entirely because Bryn who writes many of the army painting tutorials here at Storms Gate Creations is terrified of it. Realistically, in-game, it’s not as dangerous as it looks but a couple of these with a Lord Ordinator nearby could really shine. It’s probably a good thing that the ballista isn’t outstanding on its own, otherwise we’d likely see whole armies of static Stormcast Eternals, the faction with the largest array of options for combined arms.


Next was the Knight Incantor to bring some much-anticipated magic support to the Stormcasts. Her aged bronze armour follows the tutorial here and her cloth provided an opportunity to practice that tricky prospect of painting white. The cloth uses the Vallejo black and white set with deck tan as the base colour, followed by highlights of ivory and white. Creating the glow around the eyes was a simple enough process of painting a white base then going over the top with thinned down GW nihilakh oxide.


Currently in progress are the Evocators. Most interesting about these is their flowing robes (tutorial to come later, if there’s interest) which have some sharp edges allowing a bright final highlight. It would be great to see some conversions to signify the lightning arcs between their swords and staves.





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